361 Degrees is a construction management, consulting, and general contracting firm who specialize in tenant improvement and commercial construction projects. We work with a number of organizations across the Colorado front range and the I-70 corridor of the mountains, bringing a high level of forward planning and coordination to all our projects to ensure that the clients and project stakeholders we work with can quickly get back to running their businesses with a successful project completed.

Our Logo and Name

We often get asked about our logo and name. The title of our company, 361 Degrees, is meant to reflect our commitment to a thorough and all encompassing approach to project management and project execution in meeting client expectations. We aim to ensure that we have exceeded client expectations.

Our logo is the plumb bob, a tool which dates back thousands of years in the history of building, as far back as the ancient Egyptians. Used to ensure that two points are aligned with a true vertical line, it reflects our commitment, and history, of aligning client interests with project outcomes.

Our Method

At 361 Degrees, we strive to develop lasting partnerships with our clients. Whether it’s project stakeholders, design professionals, or the vendors and companies who help produce the finished product, our aim is to produce a culture around our projects in which client and stakeholder interests are met. We achieve this by relying on our history of building lasting relationships with proven and committed professionals. We bring the right people together to make your project a success.

Community Engagement and Sustainability

361 Degrees is actively involved in helping the communities we work in.  We are proud to be an active member of the Cherry Creek Chamber of Commerce.  Our membership with the chamber connects us to Denver, the Cherry Creek Community, and its local businesses. 

We strive to employ local tradesmen for each project and are committed to best practices in sustainability through the construction process. We work closely with design teams to find cost effective sustainable solutions. Most importantly, we believe sustainability is most effectively met by first eliminating wasted time and inefficiencies in the planning and construction process. That’s why we believe in a high level of forward planning and a commitment to an ever evolving process in the project management practice.

We are also a committed supporter of our military veterans and work closely with Working Warriors Group, a non profit committed to providing transitioning military veterans with the resources and training they need to obtain employment in construction management and construction trade work positions. For more information on Working Warriors Group or how 361 Degrees supports their mission, please contact Steve Starck at sstarck@361builders.com or visit www.workingwarriorsgroup.org

361 Degrees in the News

Recently 361 Degrees has been featured 9News Denver for its work on a Keystone ski resort project. You can view the story here